The Basics of Using WordPress as a CMS for EachScape Apps

WordPress is a useful tool in many ways to get content into your app.  You can use an app to mirror a website, so when you post an article or service then that content in the RSS feed automatically flows into your app.

For example, you can use a WordPress plugin to create an email form. Then you can use a plugin or WordPress template to create a blank page or post. A page or post with no header, footer or sidebar, just the post content. Many other stand alone services or content can be served to your apps through WordPress and their vast library of plugins give you lots of great tools and services to serve out to your app.

But where WordPress excels is in its ability to parse content based on the URL call. This makes WordPress an easy to use stand alone utility to use WordPress as an API/CMS.

Say for example you wanted to make a restaurant review app. You would create a category or tag in your posts with words like “French” or “Mexican” and then use these tags/categories to parse the content flowing into your app.

Basic Word press RSS will give you the basics of Post and Page content. Title, post content, author, date etc. The content in the RSS can change based on plugins and templates or themes used, but most of the time it’s necessary to use a plugin or coding to expose or isolate additional content from your posts into the RSS feeds.

This WordPress doc has the format to call content based on WordPress Categories and Tags.

Here is the basic format for custom URL feed calls. Variations on these calls are in the doc above.

You can use the following Video to learn how to add these RSS feeds to your EachScape app:

In other articles in the future I’l get into using Variables to change your Worpress RSS calls on the fly.




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